Bhutan Travel Information

Getting into Bhutan

The most convenient way of entering Bhutan is by air. The airline that operates in Bhutan is Druk Air (National Carrier) and Bhutan Airlines (Pvt. Airline). As flights can be delayed due to weather conditions (particularly during the monsoon season), it is advisable to allow 24 hours gap before any onward connection. Read more >> 

Bhutan Tourism

The chief attraction in Bhutan for the tourists are; the country’s clean atmosphere with beautiful landscapes, the fortresses towering every districts and the unique culture and tradition. Read more >> 

Bhutan Tour Payment

As per the directives of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, full payment shall be made in advance and in US dollars. The payment must be deposited directly into the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s bank account and in addition, TT&T will not receive payment from the Tourism Council of Bhutan until your trip has concluded and you have departed Bhutan. Read more >> 

Bhutan Visa Information

All foreign nationals travelling to Bhutan requires a visa, except for the following nationals Bangladeshi, Maldivian & Indian nationals do not require visa while coming to Bhutan. Indian nationals can also travel with the voter ID card.  Read more >> 

Daily Tourist Tariff

The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) is an independent authority and highest decision-making body on all matters relating to tourism and its management in Bhutan. It regulates all tourism related activities in Bhutan. All the Bhutanese travel agencies & Bhutanese tour operators are registered with them, and they also fix the daily Bhutan tour prices and Bhutan Tourist Taxes or Bhutan Government Royalty. Read more >> 

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

The best time to visit Bhutan are in Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November). A couple of big festivals (Tsechu) takes place during this time and weather is favorable. The Paro Tsechu in March or April and the Thimphu Tsechu in September attract large numbers of foreign visitors as well as locals.  Read more >>