Best time to visit Bhutan

Although you can visit Bhutan at any time of the year as the country bustle with festivals throughout the year in different regions. Nevertheless, Spring and fall (March, April, May, September, October, November) are considered to be the best time to visit. That’s when major religious festivals are organized. The mountain passes are breathtaking with the spring blossoms, rhododendrons. Bhutan has 46 species rhododendron, and every year in April Rhododendron Festival is hosted in Lamperi Botanical Park, in Thimphu. Also, the weather is pleasant for hiking and trekking.

There are also appeals and attractions during the Summer (June, July, August) and Winter (December, January, February) season. You won’t be missing out on the experience and satisfaction of visiting regardless of the seasons. Apart from festival activities that are set during fixed dates, there are also other events you can join throughout the year. Bhutan is really good to visit almost throughout the year. It will be a bit cold but the perks are you will not see many tourists! and also you can enjoy the offseason special tariff.

We also have a multitude of tour itineraries which you can pick from regardless of the dates. If you miss out on the festivals on the high season don’t fret there is one every month. In order to make your stay in Bhutan the most interesting and memorable one, we suggest you combine your choice of tour itinerary with one of these festivals.

Please keep in mind that most festivals fall during the peak season so you are advised to book your tour well in advance.