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Tshechu literally means the Tenth Day. It is a religious festival held in various monasteries and dzongs in Bhutan.  The month varies from places to places. Tshechu is celebrated in honour of Guru Padmasambhava who visited Bhutan in the 8th century and spread Buddhism. The opponents of Buddhism, local sprits and gods, were converted to Buddhist local deity by performing dances of subjugation. The first Tshechu was organized in Bumthang by Padmasambhava.  The mask dances performed, depicts the glory of Padmasambhava.

The entire communities gather to witness Tshechu and get blessings as it is believed that everyone must witness tshechu once in their lifetime as watching these mask dances prepares you for life after death.  Every mask dance has a special story behind it. During tshechu everyone brings a packed meal and come wearing their best dress.  Girls wearing silk and brocade is a common sight in tshechu

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